Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Am I eligible for SAP?

Am I eligible for SAP?

SAP Functional:

One must have at least graduation. A postgraduate degree would be an added advantage.Experience in any Domain. Here Domain is an Industry domain like Sales and Distribution, Materials Management and Finance etc.

Must complete SAP training in respective module. Some companies are hiring individuals who are having very good experience in industry domains and providing SAP trainings.

SAP Technical:

One must have at least graduation. A postgraduate degree would be an added advantage.Exposure to any programming language is required.

SAP is having its own programming language ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming).Must know SAP ABAP programming language.

SAP Administration:

One must have at least graduation. A post-graduate degree would be an added advantage.For the people who are in networking and Administration side, SAP BASIS is very suitable.One must learn SAP BASIS.

Types of SAP Projects:

We can divide the SAP projects into three categories.

They are

1) SAP Implementation Projects

2) SAP Support Projects

3) SAP Migration Projects

1) SAP Implementation Projects:

In this type of projects, Customers are moving towards SAP software. Previously they might be using some other software.

2) SAP Support Projects

Once SAP project is implemented, the consultants should support it in day-to-day business.
In Support projects, the support team helps the customer in day-to-day business.

3) SAP Migration Projects

As we see, SAP is continuously upgrading the R/3 software.

Customers are moving from the older versions to new versions.

When the customer decides to new version, it is called SAP Migration Projects.

Now -a -days many customers are migrating from older versions like 4.5 or 4.6B, 4.6C to ECC 5.0 or ECC 6.0 versions.