Sunday, July 27, 2008

Datastage solutions, knowledge base, FAQ and best practices

1. General Datastage issues

1.1. What are the ways to execute datastage jobs?

1.2. How to invoke a Datastage shell command?

1.3. How to stop a job when its status is running?

1.4. How to run and schedule a job from command line?

1.5. How to release a lock held by jobs?

1.6. User privileges for the default DataStage roles?

1.7. What is a command to analyze hashed file?

1.8. Is it possible to run two versions of datastage on the same pc?

1.9. How to send notifications from Datastage as a text message (sms) to a cell phone

2. Datastage development and job design

2.1. Error in Link collector - Stage does not support in-process active-to-active inputs or outputs

2.2. What is the DataStage equivalent to like option in ORACLE

2.3. what is the difference between logging text and final text message in terminator stage

2.4. Error in STPstage - SOURCE Procedures must have an output link

2.5. How to invoke an Oracle PLSQL stored procedure from a server job

2.6. Is it possible to run a server job in parallel?

2.7. Error in STPstage - STDPROC property required for stage xxx

2.8. Datastage routine to open a text file with error catching

2.9. Datastage routine which reads the first line from a text file

2.10.How to test a datastage routine or transform?

2.11.When hashed files should be used? What are the benefits or using them?

2.12.How to construct a container and deconstruct it or switch between local and shared?

2.13.Corresponding datastage data types to ORACLE types?

2.14.How to adjust commit interval when loading data to the database?

2.15.What is the use of INROWNUM and OUTROWNUM datastage variables?

2.16.Datastage trim function cuts out more characters than expected

2.17.Database update actions in ORACLE stage

2.18.Use and examples of ICONV and OCONV functions?

2.19.ERROR 81021 Calling subroutine DSR_RECORD ACTION=2

2.20.How to check Datastage internal error descriptions

2.21.Error timeout waiting for mutex

2.22.ERROR 30107 Subroutine failed to complete successfully

2.23.Datastage Designer hangs when editing job activity properties